• What do I do with my crystals? When you receive them they are filled with my good intentions/energy/vibes. Feel free to run them under cool water and put your good intentions/energy/vibes in them. I tend to leave mine in my purse, pockets, on my dresser, in a shelf. Some make jewelry. Charge your crystals by a window during a full moon. Do what makes you comfortable.
  • Why you? I have always been intuitive + now embracing my gift. I do it for the love. I’m accessible. I’m not balling with that $50 lol I barely break even on doing this. (Gas to LA and back, shipping, actual crystal costs, my time) Please see August 2016 update below.
  • Why Spellbound Sky and not a cheaper crystals shop? I really love the crystal gurus at the shop, they give you time and attention. I trust them, they are fam. All my purchases from there come in a little gift box with crystal cards. I choose each crystal for you, I don’t just walk in and am done. It takes time + my energy. Surely you can buy online if you wish but beware of energies and fakes.
  • Why do you share your vendor info? I love small business, if you are local and can shop there, please do! Spellbound Sky does not have an online shop. I’m confident in my skillz.
  • Why crystals? Cause healing. My form of alternative medicine. Self-love. To open up those chakras. Energy.
  • Why 2-3Crystal prices vary just as the crystals themselves – sizing, quality, availability. Some are rough and some are polished.
  • You shared a picture of a crystal and I want it, can I buy one? I can definitely look into it.
  • Can I buy a package as a gift? YES!
  • Are you available for personal shopping? YES! My rate for personal shopping starts at $25 an hour + cost of items + shipping.